“Stay in School, ’cause it’s the Best…”

So I completely forgot in my glee about returning to school how utterly stressful exam weeks are.
That’s right, folks, it’s midterm time.
Well… a test of Friday for Psych… a test next week in Intro to Computer Sciences (gag)… a research assignment for sociology… Plus I have to work more than usual this upcoming week because Paula is out of town, and one whole day is dedicated to going up to Logan for Grandma’s Birthday and Audrey’s Party in the evening.

Will there be time for sleep?
Oh, there’s ALWAYS time for sleep in Willow’s World.

Still in high hopes, however.
I feel that I have enough of a basic understanding to get by on the tests without much studying (but of course I’ll still study like mad!)

Corey has been watching the My Chemical Romance video as if it’s visual crack.

This shirt made my day… in fact, the whole site made me giggle.

Met Matt at the Spoon yesterday, along with another lovely person whose name evades me right now… (reminders, anyone?)… definately a needed break. It was good to see Libby, Molly, and Clint.

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