we want revolution; constant evolution

Saw new pics of my brother…
Miss him like whoa

Felt ill this morning and so missed my first class.

Got the bank thing sorted out, so Corey and I have money again! Hurray! Enough to eat, even!

It’s a beautiful day and I love life.

Lost my phone but there’s a vauge idea that it may have been dropped back off at Coldstone. Who knows. That’s why no one can get ahold of me. Call Corey instead and harass him.

Mom and Dad came yesterday for Dad’s Moot Court thing. It was awesome. Kinda makes me wanna be a lawyer.

“I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nuttin’, but I think Depeche Mode ROCKS!”
Brings back some memories, doesn’t it?

5 thoughts on “we want revolution; constant evolution

  1. i love you.

    so, i miss you. and i miss corey. i am glad you have money. lets visit soon. wanna be pen pals via email. lots of questions and up to dates? i want you to be a bigger part of my life than a fond memory and a rare run in. if you agree to this, spank once, if not spank twice.

    much love,

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