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  1. yeah

    As a NIN fan I can sympathise. Im personally waiting on the album “Trent’s Super Big and Wide Leather Pants Album Made Because I Needed Heroin Money” (halo 123,456. Hereafter referred to as TSBWLPAMBINHM)

    • If I have a chance, I’ll be sure to press my body against Trent’s sweaty one, but I promise I’ll be thinking of you the whole time.

  2. “I am going to write the word ‘boner’ on these onions before I eat them, that when I next speak to you, you will feel that you are being raped by bad breath.”

    I love maakies.

  3. Don’t know who you are but I just read 30 days of night and I wanted to discuss it with someone who has read it. Congradulations you sound more interesting than at least 97 other people!

    So in all seriousness (or as serious as a comic book discussion can be) what did you think of it?

    • I thought it was a very interesting idea and I love the art in the book.

      Feel free to e-mail me so we can more fully geek about this stuff.
      willow dot brugh at gmail dot com

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