Sushi Wednesday night.

Let’s go for 7ish.

If you’d like to bring a movie, please do so.

As Corey and I are ass-poor right now, I humbly request:

  • An Avacado
  • Edit: A Cucumber
  • Bring-your-own-soy-sauce
  • Fake Crab
  • Fish if possible (I would suggest the Butcher Block)

We can also improvise with just about anything.
And I think I have the budget worked out to us being able to actually get some of this stuff.

Now I’m hungry from thinking about it.

And I found a Mac Lab! All G5’s! Corey’s going to flip. Thanks, Libby.

2 thoughts on “Sushi

  1. Did you go to Fine Arts, then? I spent waaaaay too much of my last month in school there. Obscene.

    I will write down the food needs and see if Mike, Shannon, and I can chip in. I have carrots too, and we can shred them and use those as well. We made these mini Vietnamese egg rolls last night that were incredible. $1.99 from Obo for like, a crate of them…I’ll see if I can con the roommies into heading there before Sushi Nyte.

    Mike gets off at 9, but I expect it will take us some time to make the stuff anyway, so there should be plenty left by the time he gets over. He may need directions…I will try my best.

    I like that you called it a “cumcumber”. That’s cute!

    • gooo typos!

      Thank you so much Libby! Can’t wait to see you!

      I’ve re-worked the budget with new info, and we can help chip in as well, so we could all go together if you would like.

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