alone in the dark

So for all you people in Indiana, Tuesday night was the night of the storm.
In Cass County (where I’m at) besides just a raging storm, there was also a tornado.
And all the power went out.
This would not be a big deal had not:

  • I been home alone
  • Mom and Dad re-arranged things (including the location of candles)
  • The flashlights ALSO been re-located
  • I been a-buzz from a Sparks (alcohol + energy drink = good)

But as all of these things were in fact TRUE, I sat alone, in the pitch-black basement, with a book in my lap and a cell phone in hand. Yee-haw. I eventually used the light of my cell to find an old camping lantern in the basement. Yay technology.

In working for my Dad, I have found that people are Extremely Stupid (TM) (I’m stealing this idea from Libby (TM), and I hope she doesn’t mind, as I think it really applies), but it can certainly be in a funny way.
When asked if he had anything left to say to the court, one gentleman declared “I sold my truck and got a moped, so I’m COMPLETELY legal!” (this had to do with a suspended license, among other things). He was quite smug about it. The judge replied “I’m glad you’ve finally figured that much out, but I’m sorry to say that being completely legal is usually the BARE MINIMUM.”
I thought it was hilarious. Maybe you’ll feel the same way.

I also located this image in a larger size:

So that’s my brother. Yup.
See his sick pythons?
Gaaah. Stupid joke.

13 thoughts on “alone in the dark

  1. If you wanna hear stupid things people say you should come work with me at my job. Ever since i took over being the supervisor i have heard some pretty stupid stuff! How goes, you should have came up to my house during the storm i was at home hanging out on the porch because the air went out in the house and we got hot!

  2. Yeah, having some trouble deciding which one of you I want to violate first…eeheehehehee.


    I didn’t come up with trademarking. Several people I’ve known have also used the [TM] with great vigor, so gank away.

    • : P

      That is certainly not my boyfriend, you’re my boyfriend.
      And he’s in Seattle. Where we’re going in 2 years (ish).

  3. why you did not tell me you were scareded?! i would have come and rescued you!! being as i was outside THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME!!! i love you anyways. ps… we should go to “balloons by golly”… they have fudge there.


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