I wanna be sedated

Today is the first day of school. Hurray hurray.

Problem is that I couldn’t sleep last night. And today I figured out why: PANIC ATTACK MODE!

The medicine I took makes me uber-stupid. But sedated. So that’s good. I guess.

I love Libby. She rocks my socks.

My hair is blue.

I start my new job tomorrow. Yeek.

6 thoughts on “I wanna be sedated

  1. I had serious anxiety this morning too–and I was just going to work like always. Weird. Something about today.

    I wish you loads of luck. Call me if you need moral support or just want to bitch about your classes.

    I love you too! Your blue hair is pretty! Speaking of, I can bill you for the crin today. cool?

    • Sorry about missing you on lunch. Met a friend who is in one of my classes (that was cancelled) and we chatted for quite awhile. How are you billing me? I can just deposit to your paypal..

  2. i sure do hate anxiety. lucky for you it was just the night before school. i had it the whole week before my class.. i hope your job goes well!! i miss ye! we WILL go see the naughty fudge store someday… love.

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