So my day

My first class occured, and seems interesting and challenging. It is also full of freshmen of apparent aryan decent and proud of it.
My second class was cancelled. But my friend Jeremy is in the class, so we hung out.
My third class was cancelled. Damnit, I pay the teachers to be here. Rat bastards.
My fourth class took place, although no karate moves have been learned yet.
Shannon and Mike came and got me and we got ice cream before going to the fourth class.
My fourth class was Romanian and the teacher is FUCKING NUTS, but in a good way.

The stupifying drugs are wearing off, and I’m going to crash and go to bed.

All in all, a decent day.

7 thoughts on “So my day

    • No language yet, hopefully today we’ll get started. Last class she took an hour and a half to give us the “brief” history of Romania.
      Jesus Christ you guys are in a lot of wars.

      • yay! did you know they have romanian festivals in new york!! i’m going to try to go to one next year or something

        and yeah… we’ve been in a few wars .. lol

  1. Hooray for Romanian! And hooray for Christina, too. She is great, even if she lets lazy students who decide not to show up for class walk all over her. She would always give me rides home and whatnot. (I took Romanian the whole time I was at IU, though the Russian, for which the classes were much more intense, completely blots out my ability to speak it and I can only read it.)

    I am quite certain you’re never going to see this comment, because I never get online and it’s about thirty years later as I post this, but still.

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