They’re finally re-paving the road outside my house, as well as putting in the sidewalk.

The machinery is fun. It’s rumbly and stuff.

The party at the Libby’s (also the Mike and Shannon’s) was lots of fun. Not as fun as having Corey drunk the night before, but that’s a rare piece of fun.

14 thoughts on “Paving

    • My poor love. I would make you tea and Vitiman C were I there.
      I guess you’ll have to love the cat, and steal her warmth instead of mine.

  1. you should throw a time capsule in the hole and fill it with perverted and/or uninteresting things. Unless the hole is already full in which case aquire a portion of a corpse and toss it out there … maybe theyll dig it up again … (as if they missed it the first time … shut up! my story) and I’m assuming you know what to do from there. alright? alright … yeah? yeah. okay good … umm. The end.

    • i want you to go with!! me with no internet makes me way late on the reply string on this.. buuuuut.. i will make a GIANT time capsule and bury it in the woods behind my apartment, and hopefully the kitties back there don’t dig it up and eat it. hope your interview went well!!

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