This Week in God

I finally finished shredding paper! Hurray! It’s… not that exciting, really, but certainly a relief. I don’t have 11x my weight in paper staring at me anymore.

Showed my parents Sin City. I was slightly concerned as to how they would take it… but they liked it. A LOT.

Apparently my brother has not only bought himself “asshole wear” (mirrored aviators), but also new Kenneth Cole shoes that are supposedly so sexy that, and I quote, “when women walk by me, their jeans catch on fire due to the heating of their vaginas.”
Thank you Seamus. Glad to know it.

I have finished sewing stuff for my mom, so we went to Jo-Ann’s today so that I could get fabric for my own projects! Yay! I had to pull myself away from my current endeavor for the night, because I keep trying to convince myself it’ll only take another hour. It will take at least 3, and I know it. Damn you, sleep. I only hate you when I’m feeling artistic. The rest of the time, you are… well, I like you in bed. What can I say. Yes.

Talked to Madison. That was awesome. She’s a supervisor at a clothing store. I fear for people’s sanity.

Next Monday to Wednesday are my last days at Dad’s office. Then I will begin my job as an STC person thingy. People will ask me things. I will feel dumb. I will be urged to learn. The people who asked me the question will sit, confused, as I go on a learning binge. This is the way things are.

School starts soon. I am giddy with glee.
And speaking of giddy glee, here is the first image on a Google search under “Giddy Glee”:

(I post this picture so that I will get comments)
(I like comments, they make me feel loved)

(I should really go to bed)
(I’m getting slap happy)


20 thoughts on “This Week in God

  1. Here! I comment upon my own entry! I am slap happy!


    Ok. So somebody tell me how to size this picture appropriately, because my brain currently hates me.

  2. That picture just knocked my socks off with giddyness with a touch of glee as well.

    Your brother is awesome just for that quote alone. It’s too awesome. I should write it down and use it even when it doesn’t work in context with the dialogue I’m currently having.

  3. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! tues or wed? text msg. me. those guys in the picture say “WEEE!!” or maybe, “ahh, a giant monkey just jumped on the car!!” see you soon!!

  4. so, which one is Giddy and which one is Glee? or is this a trick just like that hootie and the blowfish band?

    i want to come see yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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