6 thoughts on “most important

  1. i just have to say that it always cheers up my morning to see you and your blue hair on tuesdays when i open the music library. 🙂

    that is all. carry on.

    • holy crap. I didn’t recognize you without the belly dance gear, but I though you looked familiar. Next time I’ll stick arond and talk! Crap!
      Nice Book Club shirt, btw.

      • oh, that’s okay. the first morning, i had kind of a delayed reaction thing where i was like, “hey, it’s willow” about 5 seconds after you walked past me. anyway, i figured you had work to get to, and i usually have a few more opening tasks to do (or staffing the desk if the students are late/call in sick), so no big deal.

        you were the only person to recognize that the book club shirt was from unshelved, so bonus points to you! 😀 everyone else just thought i’d reached new heights of library geekitude. which, come to think of it, is also true.

  2. hello darling! i need your address so that i may send you something. i had it at one time and since then it has been misplaced, lost, stolen, sold on ebay… so. i need it again. and maybe i’ll just call you to get it.. although i really need to do my homework tonight.

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