The trip to Chicago was utterly wonderful. Words cannot explain the beauty and joy of Sigur Ros performing nor hearing/meeting/seeing Neil.

Totally amazing.

Left Wednesday around 9. Ate breakfast at the Spoon, a fantastic start to any day.
Didn’t have a lot of traffic, and arrived at Erin’s house around 2p. Hung out, saw her school, etc.
Got on the Orange line to the Chicago theater.
Beautiful place. Wow.
Messed up the seats, but that’s ok.
Teared up during Sigur Ros. It’s so good. They played new and old stuff, but nothing off the first album (thank god). Everyone was quiet. It’s just such… truthful music.
Went home. Some guy on the L kept talking to me about my hair and nailpolish. Yeek.

Slept well.
Drank juice.

Left early for Naperville (where the signing was at).
Arrived around 5 (doors opened at 6:30, event started around 7).
Chatted with both interesting people and a few were slightly obnoxious, but that’s ok.
Neil read out of Anansi Boys. Not only is his British accent wonderful (and his voice in general), he pulls of a fantastic elderly Jamacian woman as well.
He answered questions (of course there will be stories!) with thought and humor.
We got stuff signed.
I got reallllly shy. I wanted to say thank you (by which I mean thank you) and ask for a hug but I could barely.. well, talk enough to ask for the things I wanted signed. I know that’s so totally cheesy, but I’m being honest.

Drove alllll the way home.

The end.

4 thoughts on “perfection

  1. hear hear

    Isn’t it weird when you build yourself up for something exciting, and then go over and over what you are going to say in your head and then can’t when the moment arrives and all of a sudden the moment is gone?

    Ok, sorry, maybe that’s just me.

    But all of a sudden I was in front of Neil and all I could say was..”thanks” in a small voice. He looked so tired and I just wanted to hug him and make him a cup of tea.

    Also, totally with you on the obnoxiousness (it’s a word now :))…there were several moments when I wanted to sharply poke certain individuals and say “hey, it’s his turn to talk now.” But it’s all good. 🙂

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