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Recent studies have shown that Mad Cow Disease didn’t start from feeding dead cows to cows.

In India, they make what is called Scrapple (not to be confused with the breakfast “meat” in the Philadelphia area) to ship out and feed to cows. To do this, they grind up grains with other various things… including human bodies pulled from rivers.

That’s right, folks, what was originally a human-carried disease (thought to be spread by cannibalism), has actually been passed from people to cows, and back to people; not from people to cows as originally thought.

I love my Medicine in America class. Our instructor has lunch with head honchos in this country’s Medicinal Sociology field, and that’s where she learned this, and passed it on to us.

And because I can’t resist: Scrapple is made of people!

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  2. From what I learned…

    In England, it was actually an endemic sheep disease that cows contracted due to cheap farmers grinding up inedible sheep parts and putting it in cow feed. I learned about that in my epidemiology class last semester. (The Scrapple is actually a human disease similar to mad cow that was found in a tribe on some island in the Mediterrainean)

    Wow, that sounded really pompous, I didn’t mean it that way, I just wanted to contribute relevant informantion.

    looooooove (hope to see you guys soon)

    • that wasn’t pompus… but I am offering information that is like a week old. New research and stuff. Who knows, it’s probably in everything these days.
      High fives cause cancer!

      • WAIT A MINUTE! I misread your original post. I thought you said that Scrapple was the cannibalism… I need to stop commenting on journals when it’s after midnight. I’m sorry, Willow, to doubt your superior intelligence. Therefore! My original comment was a comment to BACK UP your post and provide extra information, not to “correct” you or anything. Damn! I’m sorry, that was kinda silly. Do-oh!

        • I’m never forgiving you!

          take it easy there, lady. Much love abounds, you don’t need to stress. We may be seeing each other tomorrow, won’t that be nice?

  3. I cant donate blood because I am a potential carrier of mad cow. *flexes* So! Can I pass it to someone who eats me? Ha!

    I am so tired I amuse myself.

  4. makes me glad i’m a fan of the soy products..yes it does

    that was really interesting though…i’m gonna run off and tell people, with credit to my super cool friend willow who is sadly missed of course…

  5. Kuru! Hooray for spongiform encephalopathy! Only in the sense that it is bizarre, though. This is kind of a false “hooray”.

    Who is your instructor? If it is not Della Cook, it should be, because Della Cook is the coolest.

    • It’s not Della Cook, it’s Bernice Pesocolioasdfhci or something. She’s cool, I like her. What did you have Della Cook for?

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