making people smile

And it’s all sorts of fun.
People who are stuck on having a bad day/being a stoic college student/refuse to smile at people they don’t know, etc are walking along thinking
“I need to call Jenna”
“I need to get my homework done”
“I should e-mail my professor”
“I hate people”
“He was cute”
“Stupid people”
“I am hardcore”

you get the point.

And then they see me in this hat:
Image hosted by
And I get this reaction:


, to use emoticons

and I can only imagine, from their facial expression after smiling, that their immediate thought is

“oh crap, I smiled”

And that makes me smile even more.

13 thoughts on “making people smile

  1. It worked on me. XD

    I need to start wearing my “X-Games” hat. It’s from Gap Kids and has four ‘fingers’ with tassles and is stripey. Silly hats keep everyone warm. Funny how these things work.

    Willow, you are too lovely.

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