A Tasting

This is quite a bit in advance, but everyone has so much going on in the upcoming weekends that I thought I would announce this now:

The Willow-and-Corey-Broke-Up-but-Please-Don’t-be-Awkward-Around-Us Party

We will be shoving far too many people into our apartment one last time, to try this:
edit. stupidfuckingpicture wasn’t working. Now it should stay put

to eat food, and to drink wine.
Just like usual.

Let’s go for December 2 (that’s a Friday) at 7p

As everyone is so gracious to bring wine to these, and food, I propose a theme.


Although I won’t allow anyone to be subjected to Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter again, it would be awesome if any food and wine that is brought in could follow this theme. If not, that’s cool too. Make up a funny story of how Jesus blessed your pancakes or something.

I will make apple crisp and sushi if everyone is not sick of it yet.

Bring a friend, but please give me some sort of RSVP so I have a vague idea of what’s going on.

on a side note, best shirt I’ve seen in awhile:

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29 thoughts on “A Tasting

    • absolutely nothing, of course, but you’ll notice that the key word is “again.”
      Last time we all ate sushi and drank wine, Corey put this gem into the xbox and the laughter and groans started. Lucky enough to have found it through

  1. I will be there…though probably between 8-9, as the gallery opening is that night and I promised to help Jaime out. And y’know – I’ll have work up and stuff.

  2. 🙁

    Nobody ever tells me anything! I had to hear this from Amanda! This makes me more upset than the time Bambi’s mother got AIDS! I just hate to think of the two of you dividing up your collection of goggles…

    • Re: 🙁


      We’re ok, really, Peek. Sorry you heard it from Amanda. -Topher was the only one out there that I informed, and that for certain reasons. Please don’t feel unimportant, because you are very important to both of us.

      And the goggles aren’t the difficult part… it’s the comic books.

  3. aw

    I hope that this parting is what both of you want and that it isn’t too painful for either of you. I would totally drive out for the party, but alas, finals have a way of ruining things like this … but I’ll send you a religiously innapropriate Christmas card. 🙂

  4. *sad face*… i kind of feel like i jinx people… i miss you guys lots. and i hope things continue to be “okay” and whatnot. though i must say that i definitely didn’t think that would ever happen to you two. *sigh*

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