How Many Words can I Link Appropriately?

So here’s what I’ve been doing.

Last Wednesday I went up to Logansport, which was great times. Burned a quiche I was making for Mom and Dad’s dinner, but they still ate it because they like me. Jen came over and we watched a dark humor movie that was fantastic.
I persuaded Matt to read House of Leaves somewhere in here.
Friday I drove back down to Bloomington to work. Allen, Christin, Cass, and Erny drove in from Virginia and arrived late that night. We had a lot of fun. I certainly drank more than I should have.
Saturday Libby and I signed a lease at Meadow Park Apartments, so apparently we’ll be closer to a lot of people now.
Sunday Corey found a dog. It has been stinking up the house and terrorizing Feet. It is cute, though.
Sunday night I hung out with Andrew from The PC Guru. It was a lot of fun.
Last night was hang out and rant with Libby and Molly. We drank the wine and the coffee, and it was lovely. We then went back to Libby’s place to make out watch the Gay Pimp Soccer Practice video. If you haven’t already seen it, you must go there now.
Tonight is hang out time with Petra, Chris, and Ryan. I believe we’ll be watching Purple Rainagain.
Friday is the Corey-and-Willow-Broke-Up-But-Please-Don’t-Feel-Awkward-Around-Us Party (aka Willow-and-Corey-Broke-Up-But-Please-Don’t-Feel-Awkward-Around-Us Party)
Saturday some of the ladies (and possibly gents) will quite possibly be going to Axis to drink and hopefully get in a fist fight.
Sunday is BB King. Oh god.

Crap crap crap. Blah blah blah. Update update update.

This just proves to me how intertwined with the internet my life is. Is this sad?

16 thoughts on “How Many Words can I Link Appropriately?

    • Re: redux of anti-willow-saditude

      exciting, yes?

      We will bring you wine for the mad cooking skills, I don’t doubt!

  1. Duuuude! You have a lot going on.
    Soccer practice video…rawks!!! Seen it before, must watch again!
    p.s. – Front 242 concert was freggin’ awesome!

  2. OMG how is feet? I miss that lil booger.
    I also miss the soccer practice video.

    i also miss you.
    i also miss corey.

    i also miss um…oh…i guess that’s it.


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