linky linky

This made me laugh out loud at work. In the best possible way.

…But not as hard as this made me laugh. – – “…normal people KNOW that most Goths are lucky if they can lift their own computer monitors onto their desktops.”

Played Apples to Apples last night with Chris, Chess, and Lindsay. Before that I went to Martini Night with many lovely people. Perhaps that will become a regular thing.

Night before last I smoked a hookah with Petra and we watched Saved!.

Libby is the coolest ever. And she’s neat, too!

School is good totally rockin’. Work is good. Things are getting done.

Tomorrow night should be good. The 31st should be as well. (You like that? I link back to my own journal!)

Over and out.

6 thoughts on “linky linky

        My hall is having a party and we have REAL CHINESE PEOPLE! I know you can’t come, but it’d be wicked cool if we all were partying and it was just one big interstate party of groovyness.

        I miss you. ♥

        • I’m sure I’ll be doing something on the 29th.

          Miss you too. You should call me sometime.

  1. VESPA.

    Also, two things:
    a) I’m so sorry for drunk dialing you last night. I didn’t know it was so late.
    b) I got my Stars ticket in the mail today!! *does dance*

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