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I’ve been feeling a bit over-whelmed of late (or did you all ready know that?)

So yesterday, Madison came to town. And it was laid back and wonderful.

And I saw good people.

And then I retreated, at the end of the night, to a super-hot bath with a book, some music, and a glass of 2000 Chateu Canon de Brem French Bordeaux. It was nice. I should do that more often.

I insist on taking this week easy. I am not going to concentrate on anything but these, in this order.

.1. School
.2. myself (gasp?!)
.3. Friends
.4. Axis

I don’t think I’ll make any plans. If I feel like going out and seeing people, I will call said People.

And now, a picture or two.

picture a la the lovely Jarrett

Adam‘s Birthday present.
Photo by Adam. More here

12 thoughts on “Content update

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    THE MAN PULLED HIS ARM OFF AND HE”S GOING TO BEAT YOU WITH PART OF THE CROSS!!! OH SNAP! it’s all over now. you better duck ‘n’ cover bitches
    cause jesus has got your ass. mmm hmm.

    oh what’d you say? oh you didn’t THINK the second coming was gonna be like THIS? well you THOUGHT WRONG with your punk ass. your going DOWN!!

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    and then he’s gonna eat your brains.

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