Do /you/ know the muffin man? In the biblical sense, I mean…

Oh man. I forgot that existed.

This one’s for you, Chris and Chess

Madison will be in Bloomington on Saturday (I guess that’s tomorrow at this time of night). Come visit her. You have my number. One night only, folks.

My feet are still fucked. Oh it hurts so good.
Axis was a success, for all of you who haven’t had it rubbed in enough.

The car took a decent amount less than I expected to fix. Still a good chunk of change, but survivable. Here is a picture of my unwashed, vile, love of my life car named Paloma for any of you who may have never seen her:

Next weekend Weekend after next is Stars with Petra. It’s going to be bloody awesome. Get to visit fun people in Chicago, too!

And I’m sure most of you have seen this, but while we’re doing pictures…

Made my day, that’s for sure.

The whole test thing went rather well, I think.

So what do you all do on the internet? What journals do you read? What webcomics do you look at? Etc. I must find new ways to pass the time!

14 thoughts on “Do /you/ know the muffin man? In the biblical sense, I mean…

  1. tars!!!

    I have just become totally obssessed with Stars! They are playing here? In Chicago!? Please please tell me where exactly and when, and if tickets are still available! I would so love to meet up with you there, and see this amazing band. Oh, and I can’t tell you how much I love your hair! I’m rather jealous of it really….wish mine could be that short and blue again… oh well, I’ll just live vicariously through you. So please do let me know about the concert! email me at : or IM me at entsmarching216 or just respond to this or comment on mine…. yeah. 🙂

  2. Makes me kinda jealous that you’re going to see Stars. My friend’s recently gotten obsessed with some of their music and so it’s kinda rubbed off on me as well. Enjoy Chicago!

    • I’m so excited and nervous to be going! Eek! They’ve been my favorite since I stole a random list from my brother’s 80g of music about 3 years ago. (Don’t worry, I now own every album I can get my hands on!)

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