“Holy Crap! Is that a click wheel?”

Also, if you don’t know about Cheney shooting someone in the face yet, you don’t read page 8 of your newspaper.

5 thoughts on ““Holy Crap! Is that a click wheel?”

  1. Yeah, kinda sad when you’ve got Iran getting ready to process enriched uranium which is used in nuclear weapons and all the press cares about is that the Veep accidentaly peppered someone…

    Also I liked Brit Hume’s comment on why the Veep chose to go on Fox News to give an interview, “The administration just wanted Cheney’s exclusive on the cable news network that would reach the most people…”

    • So what do you expect we do about Iran? Aggrevate them which would encourage them to build nuclear weapons or use diplomacy. You know, uranium is used for other things besides weapons. Say, a powerplant to decrease their oil dependence and export more! Whoa, what a great idea, get them a better economy!

      • Well the Iranian government is going to go forward and build their nukes whether we “aggravate” them or not. Even if we try the diplomatic route they will still strive to obtain nuclear weapons (North Korea anyone?). Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said, “We must prepare ourselves to rule the world and the only way to do that is to put forth views on the basis of the Expectation of the Return” (complete article here).

        Now it would be nice if they built some alternative sources of power. But why nuclear? Why not wind farms? They have a lot of empty desert don’t they? Or solar? Well, never mind solar. Still not viable enough yet. If it’s a better economy they want, all they have to do is get with the 21st century. Acknowledge that all races, creeds and religions have the right to exist. They could be our second biggest trading partner (next to China). But it’s not what they want. They want an Islamic world order. They want the destruction of western civilization. They want you and me either bowing to Mecca five times every day or dead. Their history of the past thirty years states this.

        I’d like to hear your take on this. I’ll set up a topic in my LJ here so as not to turn Willow’s into a flamewar wasteland :oP

        • Just a note for the future, you should check your links :). Mispelled livejournal and it should be users/* instead of a .

          And I’ll comment on yours when I have the time. I’m playing catch up right now because I just came back from out of town so I’m a bit frazzled…

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