I didn’t make sense that last post.. it’s this upcoming Thursday evening that Matt comes into Indy, and on Sunday that he exits again.

Thank you for the generous offers. Any possibilities of the 16th and 19th working for anyone?

Sorry about that.

12 thoughts on “crap

  1. Don’t worry, your F.F. pic more than makes up for it.

    hm hmm hmmm hm hmmhm hmhm…

    If other options don’t work out, you can always borrow a vehicle.

    And Sunday isn’t exactly a religious holiday for me.
    “Ya know what I mean Vern.”

    Don’t know if I will have it painted purple for you by then…

    Ah well, off to drink.

    • Re: Don’t worry, your F.F. pic more than makes up for it.

      Yay purple!

      Sunday? Maybe? I think Jason may be up for the Thursday event (see below post).


  2. I suppose I could take you. It’s about a two hour drive both ways, right?

    You’d just have to put up with my scary driving.

    • Your driving is not scary.

      It would be a pleasure to be in your presence again. We can share music and chat.

      Does Thursday still work for you?

      (I will of course foot the gas and throw a little extra in for your time)

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