The lovely Matt is coming to visit Friday, and returning on Sunday.

Would anyone be willing to drive up to Indy for this on either day?

I would gladly provide gas money plus a little extra for your trouble.

I can rent a car if it doesn’t work for anyone, but would like to explore my options this way first.


(Friday night and Sunday early afternoon would be the times)

8 thoughts on “Indy

  1. can I sign myself up as backup driver in case no one else volunteers?

    I have the MPRE the next day (lawyer’s ethic’s exam) and by that time I should be done studying by then, so I CAN drive, but I’ll have the night-before-an-important-test jitters, so I won’t be the best of company.

  2. ah, Wil? I’m gonna be out Thursday night (in Indy around 8:40p, next Thursday March 16th), and then needing to be back in Indy that Sunday by noon.

    So’s you know. Ah, if that’s feasible.

    • I thought that’s when you were planning to visit. I was getting a bit worried since I’ll be out of town this weekend!

      BUT, since you come in on Thursday, I will be able to participate in drunken Balderdash [I hope?] since I get back from DC on Friday or Saturday.

  3. I’m going to Indy tomorrow around 8pm.

    I could probably squeeze you inbetween the two of us, my dog, and my equipment.

  4. maybe in big, bold letters.

    I’m coming out next Thursday, March 16th – in Indy at 8:40pm
    For St. Patties day, Spoooon coffee, conversation, and drunken Balderdash, natch.

    I don’t need to be picked up by anyone until next Thursday, March 16th – in Indy at 8:40pm.

    Danke. ^_^

    • but hey, don’t get me wrong. Ridiculously grateful thank-yous to all the volunteers. You guys are offering to bring me to Willow and the Spoon, and for that I will love you forever. ^_^

      but, um…you won’t find a Matt in Indy until next week.

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