Monday, March 27: Lord of the Yum Yum :you have to go to this. It’s bloody amazing. You must also bring friends, to bask in his glory
Wednesday, March 29: Axis of Evil :you also must attend this

Friday, April 14: Evy comes in from Charleston and Matt from Chicago
Saturday, April 15: A birthday party of sorts. I hear there will be shirtless men serving drinks in test tubes.
Monday, April 17: My actual birthday
Tuesday, April 18: Matt and Evy depart. I am saddened.
Wednesday, April 26: Axis of Evil

Thursday, May 4: My last exam of this semester
Thursday, May 4: Hopefully headed out to Texas to see Madison
Tuesday, May 9: Return just in time for Summer Session
Friday, May 19: NYC!
Tuesday, May 23: return from NYC
Wednesday, May 31: Axis of Evil

August 11-29 (tentative): Seattle

10 thoughts on “Events

  1. Well, good. I was disappointed that I missed shirtless bartending last time. Excellent to know I have another chance.

    How long will this Yum Yum occurrence last? I work that night, but if midnight isn’t past the collective non-V bedtime…

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