This and finals are eating my life. Unless you plan on taking a final or writing a paper for me, I insist that you come to Axis of Evil to contribute to the maintaining of my sanity (or what’s left of it). If you’re not following the community (which you should be, click the image to link), you must know and understand that this is now GOTH PONG. There is no better thing. Jeremy will be dressed as a Frat Boy at the end of a leash. I will be holding the end of said leash. I hope this will be indicative of how the night ends up (ie – we will DOMINATE). Libby has threatened to bring a BoomBox if not allowed to DJ. As much as I would love seeing this, she will be DJing or I will stomp/eat face.

Lost my iPod on Thursday. Don’t think I’m getting it back. I am incredibly sad about this. Ah well. Good old MD Player as back-up.

Other than that, things are amazing.

PS – I want this. I will purchase it for myself, and forego comics. Now that’s a big deal.

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  1. Many loves for the Willow and her valiant efforts.

    I should be able to bring a few new faces. I have alot of tentative agreements to come from friends. If I can get the Mykal to come, there will be excellent domination. He’s some sort of social domination savant.

    I might sell you my ipod if you wanted. It’s crazy old, though. Maybe 2 gigs. (I never use it anymore)

    I’ve been seeing Rejected all over the place lately o_0

  2. I will be, at least for the first part of the night, the Goth Pong cheerleader. I am making a shirt. If anyone should happen to have any red, black, purple, bright green, or otherwise appropriate, um, I think they’re called pom-poms (those things cheerleaders shake that aren’t actually a part of their anatomy), I would appreciate the donation to my costume.

    I too will stomp/eat face. Because dammit, I actually KNOW this set. It’s everyone’s only possible chance at getting me to dance…

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