Where I want to Be

This is where I want to Be:

Although here would also do:

I have decided not to do my Religion, Ethics, and Medicine class. I was never really fully registered for it anyway, and it’s ridiculous to think I can actually squeeze in two more books, one paper, and a final in with everything else. My sanity matters more than that. Plus, I like the class and instructor too much to do poorly in it. Another semester, perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Where I want to Be

  1. One thing is for certain.

    There will be opportunities in the future.

    You are working to ensure that now.

    And until you can make new memories, cherish the old ones.


  2. Deep breaths. You’ll be alright – you are Willow f’in Brugh.

    This too shall pass. Then comes the Fun! You are doing only what you must do. Whatever comes of it, we’ll all be there when it’s over, with open arms and jokes of poor taste. And yummy foodstuffs, most likely.


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