More favors involving cars



I need to go to Indy again.

I can rent a car if it doesn’t work out for anyone… but hell, I don’t see most of you often enough and all that crap.


Friday, April 14th I need to be at the Indy airport to pick up Evy from NC and the bus station to pick up Matt for birthday stuff. This would be in the late evening.. airport by 9:45, bus station slightly before.

Returning the two on Tuesday, April 18th at (ow) 8 in the morning (ow ow ow). This would be leaving at like 6 in the morning.

also… (garihateaskingforfavors)

Headed to NYC.. leaving Indy Airport at 1p (leave Bloomington at 11) on May 19
Returning May 23rd.. at the airport by 6:15

Any takers? I offer gas money + food and/or cash in exchange for your efforts. Plus my company (apparently it’s worth something!)

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