I’m learning a lot right now. About transvestites and blood sacrifice and male pin-ups. And I get a degree for this?!

NYC was tons of fun… Seeing family was awesome. My sister’s play is going extremely well, and I can’t wait to see it finished.

Mom and Dad were kind enough to buy me a new jacket. It will serve for cool weather, for winter, and for… well… motorcyle riding. Both Seamus and Jeremy will soon be owners of bikes, and while I have no desire to have one of my own, I’ll probably be riding along decently often.

This is my new jacket

It has kevlar armoring in the shoulders, elbows, and a place for some in the back. And it smells of leather. Oh god, dead cow! And mesh and a silver lining.

The most interesting moment in NYC was walking in SoHo (we had just left Yellow Rat Bastard), and a gentleman coming towards me on the street says “Nice hair! It matches your… uh..” eyes me up and down “sweater.” If we hadn’t been passing each other so quickly, I would have pointed out that my sweater was black. In fact, everything I was wearing that day was. Odd fellow.

We eat very well as a family.

Glad to be back home… I missed everyone.

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    • That’s because I’m actually a super-hero.

      Shhhhh.. don’t let the blue hair and occasional glasses-wearing give me away!

    • I have some 14th Century-ish looking SCA armor for sale is you want it. I’ll be posting it to eBay soon. Arms and legs with hardend black leather (with plastic splints), stainless steel 5 lame “gothic” (as in period, not modern terms) pointed elbow and knee cops. PrĂȘt-a-Porter!

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