Apologies in advance:

I didn’t realize just quite how intensive summer classes are.

And I’m taking 15 credit hours.

I will be doing all of my homework, and school is TOP priority over the summer.

I’ll still try to socialize with all the people I love, but I won’t be seeing the light of day much at all.

Saturday evenings will be hang out time. Get ahold of me if you want to hang out and I haven’t yet gotten ahold of you.


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  1. Shyyeah. I’m taking 7 credit hours. And teaching one class. And I already feel spread too thin.

    So good luck! I know what you’re going through.

  2. nice running into you other day, even if I was slightly (as always) frenetic and scattered at the time. I’m in the hallowed confines of the davinci lab. And where are you? Damned you for not working the stc shift right now, I could stand the company

    Good luck this semester. May we both survive. Call me whenever.

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