inhale exhale inhale

Goddamn I feel accomplished. It’s amazing what you can get done when you ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO FUCKING BREATHE.

Getting lots of stuff done. Even on 3 hours of sleep. Especially since I thought I had class today and I totally don’t.

I woke up to the cutest thing Ever this afternoon. The cat had curled up next to me, nestled her head in my upturned hand, had her paw wrapped around my wrist, and was purring like there’s no tomorrow. I guess she missed me.

Had an interesting conversation with a gentleman on the bus on my way back into town. Mostly about… well, everything. A lot about blues though. Then he gave me a book, completely at random.

5 thoughts on “inhale exhale inhale

    • Yes… I especially love his spoken stuff… the things parents don’t want their kids to know he does, such as “the great smoke off”

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