less than three : the geek begins

Someone must trust or love his girlfriend very much to install such a thing on his computer.

To risk such a thing as never seeing her again.

Don’t worry, I’m limiting myself to one game / campain round per day, tops.


24 thoughts on “less than three : the geek begins

  1. Amazing game.

    Want something more incredible? you should download the ‘Vision of the Future’ campaign and the three following it for some non-SC story. It’s an alternate universe-type deal. And Legacy of the Confederacy….so amazing.

    And of course the Antioch Chronicles. PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTING….*drool*.

  2. Kshhht. Ahh. That’s the stuff.

    Hearts for Willow. Precisely three of them

    And were the Protoss stats always in German? For a minute I thought it said “suggesty”. The Protoss are suggesty… *snicker*

    • Re: Kshhht. Ahh. That’s the stuff.

      Damn me and knowing all the “poke” quotes!



      I mean suggesty! Yes, they are. ^_^

      • I’m about to drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate justice!
        /ride of the valkyries
        //which is funny, cause it’s not…it’s the siege tank

  3. never seeing her again

    hee! I was so afraid when I bought WoW I’d become a World of Warcraft widower… luckily, that hasn’t happened…. yet. *grin*

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