two seattle pictures

first, the beauty of Gasworks Park:

and a very silly picture of me:

Watched Dogville with Libby and Holly last night. Freaked me out just like the first time.

School is awesometastic, to use a Matt-ism.

That’s all the time today!

9 thoughts on “two seattle pictures

  1. I like the pictures the first one reminds me of the scene from the first Prophecy movie where they go to the Garden of Eden to seek help and it is all industrialized now instead of the natural wooded park like place that is described over and over again in texts.

    The second one is cool too but I don’t think the green does the blue of your hair and outfit justice. I like your pose though I thought the dollar bill too when I first saw it.

  2. awesome pics!

    Thanks for the invite the other day! Sorry, I’ve been totally slammed busy getting started with my classes and making up lesson plans and everything. Let me know when something else is going on.

    BTW- I’ve got my projector up and running and the screening room is in action. I want to have a bad movie night sometime soon, and you guys will have to come over.

    talk to you soon!


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