ugggg (boots)

So today, in honor of Halloween, I am dressed up as a sorostitute. I don’t think anyone is getting the joke. But I have these overly obnoxious Ugg Boots on (ala Evy for my birthday) (think wookie), a white-washed jean skirt, and some flowery shirt on.

Cracks me up.

Zombie Prom was a success, but today I feel like a zombie. Coincidence? I think not!

7 thoughts on “ugggg (boots)

  1. you are officially my favourite blue haired cyborg.

    Re: your sorostitute outfit. Might you take a picture? This is one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” instances.
    Re: your uggs. The scariest thing I’ve seen today.

  2. I almost tried to see if anyone had Uggs I could borrow, so I could wear them with yoga pants, a zip-up hoodie, and dingy long top.

    Who knew Jersey would provide the best Halloween costume?

  3. Most people didn’t used to get a lot of my costumes either. No imaginations I guess. I like the boots very fuzzy and interesting.

  4. In honor of cutting off his dreads, Curtis was a frat rat. No one got that, either. I think both of your costumes were pretty damn scary. Way scarier than zombies.

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