I had so much fun last night. So much. Talked to people, ate pizza, watched movies, drank, and danced danced danced.

Paul, I am documenting the bruise on my knee. A picture a day as it develops. Right now it’s just swelling.

Apparently I’m getting a laptop for Christmas, but before Christmas. This is new and interesting. With the combined power of my phone and laptop I will take over the world with Blue Tooth. Because my Teeth must match my hair, and I am a blue meanie.

I like his mustache.

I am very silly today. I do believe Mario Party is in order. Libby, you will play with me. And we will pwn Princess. Because I like hitting girls.

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  1. Mario Party kicks ass. Not enough people realize this.

    Laptops kick ass too.

    Last night? Kicked ass.

    That NIN “Only” remix: much ass it did kick.

    Long Island Ice Tea in a pitcher: kick ass in a pitcher.

    The cool sci fi films I saw (but did not hear) last night, two screens of kick ass.

    My right ankle? I kicked it’s ass (twisted it).

    You, dear, kick ass.

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