Stabby holidays

My awesome roommate got me the Perfect Gift.

What is funny is that Matt’s holiday card said “wishing you a stab-free Christmas” (or something to that effect).

Mushy day! I adore everyone!

9 thoughts on “Stabby holidays

  1. squee! on the gifts of the day!
    (i haven’t opened mine yet. all about the antici…pation!)

    happy holiday tidings to you and yours!

  2. I have two of those. A friend of mine got me one for my birthday last year and another friend got me one for graduation, independent of the first friend.

    I guess people associate me with violent unicorns as well!

      • aw, thanks. Basement Boy accepts his lack of unicron* holes as a wonderful Decemberween present.

        *that’s not a misspelling, just how I choose to spell and pronounce unicorn: Unicron.

  3. Nice gift indeed. I have always thought the unicorns needed to rise up against the oppression of their kind.

    I see the CD works, Yay! Enjoy!

    Happy Holidays!

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