I’m a boy in drag!

So, getting hussied up for last night ended up making me look like a guy doing drag.



There will be actual pictures on the website eventually, not just cameraphone-whored self-shots.

17 thoughts on “I’m a boy in drag!

  1. The first one? Just androgynous. The second one? Yeah, I can see the boy-in-drag thing. FTW.

    It was REALLY GOOD to see you last night. I must figure out this Schedule thing. I miss you guys. A lot.

  2. I can see the boy in drag thing but your eyes give it away that you’re female and not a boy. I like your ring. it looks like it has an interesting pattern on it.

    • Thank you? I think..

      The ring is a family ring. Not exactly my style, but family means a lot to me, and I’m more nervous not wearing it than wearing it. It’s very pretty.

      • Let me explain…

        I used to have lesbians as roommates(these are the ones I bitch about in my journal all of the time) and they had a few drag queen friends. The eyes where what always gave them away as being a guy dressed as a gal at least to me it did anyways.

        Plus the eyes are the windows to the soul and I was trying to compliment you without sounding like everyone else 🙂

        I understand the family thing all to well all I have is my parents and we are very close.

        • Re: Let me explain…

          You are good. I am kidding. Hard to show that over the LJ.

          Hope to see you soon!

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