I made a movie!

Whee Bauccus. It keeps me sane. Or at least functional.

13 thoughts on “Baccus-F

  1. haha. yay!

    keeps you sane…? did you watch the video?

    p.s. my thesis is killing me because i have waited until the last minute…it shows. haha

    • Libby (the roommate) says it’s from “a Goth catalog like 8 years ago.. I thought she was pretty, so I made a magnet”

  2. Insanity is fun though >:)

    I like the movie but not so sure about the energy drink. The last time I had an energy drink I thought my heart was going to explode and it was just a Vault.

  3. Local international grocery sells that stuff here by the case. One of my congoing friends practically mainlines it. I think I may need some this week…

  4. AHHHH111!!1
    fuck i miss you i miss you
    im leaving. onto the road. in June.
    that is my final decision.
    and therfore. that is when your face and my face see each other.
    “in the month of june.”
    be ready. or die! =)

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