Never Again

Never been so angry at the world in general in my life.

Thanks to Libby for
1. Taking me to the event I dressed up for
2. Taking the picture
3. Tweaking the picture
4. Posting/Sharing
5. Getting through this with me

She is not appreciated enough. Nor am I, for that matter.

PS – thanks also to Chris for help decompressing

13 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. Here’s some advice that my dear old Ma always used to give me when shit hit the fan:

    “When life hands you lemons, kick it in the nuts and bash it’s fucking skull in with a tire iron.”

    That has always gotten me through times of trial and trouble. It is my hope that you can take it to heart when dealing with your own frustrations.

    And I think the above pic is fantastic. The only thing missing is the neck of some bastard who richly deserves having their throat torn out.



      Good ol’ Ma Johnstone. 😛

      Willow, tonight I am going to get wasted. And then tomorrow I am going to get up and fuck this shit in the ass with Nathan’s tire iron. NO LUBE. NO MERCY.

      It’ll be ok. Maybe. And you’re right.

  2. Alas, I too must send love over wires. I want the ability to give hugs over standard TCP/IP.
    All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.
    Failing that, lemme know, and I’ll call in the reinforcements.

  3. Win Zip

    You ARE appreciated enough….at least by me. I always look forward to the running and jumping toward me to give me a hug thing that you do so well, when we get to see each other.

    I am going to implant a Win Zip Decompression Chip into your brain, so you can decompress at will. Imagine, all you would have to do is poke yourself in the eye (or any other location you choose), and ZIP, instant decompression.

    Luv ya babes, if you need the Cowboy to take care of something, or you just need an ear, I’m hear, uh, here.

  4. That photo is so badass, I can’t stop looking at it. Kudos to you and Libby. One these days I’ll start putting up stuff that’s on par…one of these days.

  5. Love the picture

    I appreciate you and Libby very much
    1)You’re my friends and I hold all my friends in high regard.
    2)You both throw the best once a month club event in all of world on very little funds.
    3)You both are just you and don’t pretend to be anything more than just you.

    I am certain there are more than three but alas my tired brain isn’t grasping them right now.

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