random points of light

  • I missed the snow.
  • Our planet sure is neat, isn’t it? I mean, to think about all the different seasons and all the different forms of life and how we all depend on each other and how it’s all interconnected.
  • It’s amazing the amount of stuff we can process. Pattern recognition especially. I can tell from in the apartment what the wind is like because of the structure of the snow.
  • We make things aesthetically pleasing because we CAN process it. And often, functionality and beauty are the same thing. At least to me.

Simple joys are best. I’m talking to V about many of these things right now as well (yay, meta stuff, makes me think of Jessica). And that each person has such a different perception of the same thing is so neat. We use language to express our reality to others.

So uh… anyone want to go sledding?

9 thoughts on “random points of light

  1. yay for myself! if i slowly program the minds of thousands to activate “jessica” indirectly once “meta” is engaged, i can live on as a virtual entity for decades beyond my death.

    also, yes, i do want to go sledding. come to iowa. 🙂

  2. functionality and beauty are the same thing

    I think that is the first thing I learned about jewelry making is it has to be functional to be beautiful.

    I would have sledded with you but as of late the cold doesn’t seem to be agreeing with me this year. It usually doesn’t seem to bother me so much but maybe it is because of the deliveries I have to make in the morning and I am out in it more.

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