the end is nigh

I’ve recently found a desire to actually own a pair of girly shoes.

I know, I know, the end is nigh, right?

So I need your help.




They all cost the same and they all have the same height to them. I don’t know how to walk in heels, but I have to learn sometime, and I always hated those half-assed heels that people wear.

13 thoughts on “the end is nigh

  1. Half my shoes are heels….

    I’m torn between 30 & 31, as I know that many people, if self-conscious about their leg shape, find that the strap on 31 to be unflattering.

    However, that being said, I think that strap is foxy in the femme-fatale-from-40s-films kind of way (and thus own several pairs with straps like it).

    Platforms are actually a much easier way to learn how to walk in heels– the provide much more support than stilettos, and because of the platform on the ball of the shoe, it gives you more grounding.

    • Re: Half my shoes are heels….

      p.s. I have a copy of In Style’s heel guide if you want me to copy it for you. It basically explains how to walk in heels, how to shop for heels (who would have known that the art from heel to toe means something). It’s actually rather informative, but may help some?

  2. Um, none of the above. I’d try something that’s not going to take a lot of concentration and practice to wear, at first. The rise on those heels are at least three inches and I think you’ll find them very uncomfortable considering you wear flat-soled boots every day. There’s also no arch support.

    Might go for a pair of slightly more half-assed heels if you’re actually intending to wear said girly shoes out of the bedroom. I’m glad to help you shop! 🙂

  3. Libby’s right, in that platforms are probably *not* the first heels to try walking in…but of the three, the second is the most versatile style. Honestly, I think the first pair kind of scream geriatric stripper. But maybe that’s just my problem…

  4. I voted for 31 but 30 are gorgeous too. If you want to wear fishnets the 25 won’t look good.

    Damn, I want a pair too now… *must not think about it, must not think about it, must not….* =P

  5. 25 + 30 = 31, if not arithmetically than at least stylistically in this case. Leastways that’s my take, plus I don’t know thing one about what’s involved in walking in these mobile torture chambers. But that aside, I say 31. Yeah.

  6. Actually, I would think those would be a great deal more stable than stilettos. Personally I saw no need for a half-assed heel Training Shoe– jumped straight to the 4″, nothing-remotely-resembling-a-platform sorts one used to be able to get from thrift stores, and never had any real problems. HOWEVER, if you get 31, which you should, I have Wisdom to impart– those ankle straps should NOT be tight. Not tight at ALL. The first time I wore those lovely bat shoes I used to wear to Axis until time killed them I actually tried to use the strap, and I ended up with these big weird fluidy swellings on the tops of my feet. Which, ew. But clearly they did not do that at any point thereafter.

    DEFINITE signs of the Apocalypse. Long skirt, overbust corset, high heels? SCARY.

  7. I say, if you’re into the platforms, go for 31.
    Straps are hawt. Toe-cleavage is not (especially when you misjudge the edge of the step and scrape the top off your toes…less fun, indeed).

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