Emperical Testing

I’m going to make a graph today (or over the weekend, but I will be starting today) which will show my online presence. Question is, what do I use as the factor? Help me out!

(it will end up looking sort of like population by land mass maps or sensitivity images – the denser or more sensitive, the bigger the representative area)

Yes, crayons and graph paper will be involved.

Good lord, look at my geek go unchecked.

You like it! Admit it!

I couldn’t ask for another

My favorite is the guy with the ponytail.

Libby and Matt came to visit. Brought me lots of joy. Also a game and magnetic stick-things, with which to make geometric designs. I am easily entertained, but that means I’m always enjoying myself.
Also got my first adult paycheck this past Friday. Which means apartment hunting starts in about a week. Woo!

the end is nigh

I’ve recently found a desire to actually own a pair of girly shoes.

I know, I know, the end is nigh, right?

So I need your help.




They all cost the same and they all have the same height to them. I don’t know how to walk in heels, but I have to learn sometime, and I always hated those half-assed heels that people wear.