So Caleb and Dizzy are going to DragonCon. This solidifies the fact that I need to go.

Anyone else attending?

6 thoughts on “GeekFest!

  1. We’re still waiting to hear from the D*Con band selection committee but we remain hopeful. It’ll be a crazy party whatever happens, though. I’ve already got my room reserved.

  2. that is the one in atlanta, correct? labor day weekend?
    might be in austin, but if not…been meaning to go for a while, just cause the majority, if not all, the cast of Firefly attend. and even play in games.

  3. I’m totally there. I’m on Buffy Horror Picture Show cast again as the cue card girl, and many of my friends from Nashville, and alternately the comedy music scene, will be there. You should totally come! And dress up! OMG! You would r0x0r the place.

  4. Well, that just figures. This will be the third year in a row that I don’t get to go, and ALL the cool kids around me are going. Foo.

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