9 thoughts on “‘scuse me while i cream my geek pants

  1. Dude. If the world continually insists on making time sinks for me, they’d better figure out a way for me to not have to sleep any more.

    • Yeah, I remember we were talking about something like that–all of us, I mean.

      I think we seriously need to follow up on that.

      /tank rush

  2. Yesh. I saw this when I was watching one of my tech-geek channels and they did a sneak preview of it.

    Once this game has been obtained, I shall challenge you to a deathmatch.


  3. how the heck is he going to smoke a cigar with his helmet shut? I have to roll the windows down in my not-small car just so I don’t get cigerette smoke in my eyes.

  4. after watching this, i spent a freakishly long time trying to find this one particular giger painting for you on google image search. it was one of the biomechanoid pieces (is there any other kind?) with these cables/tentacles/things going into a feminine orifice. i never stumbled across it, but if you know his stuff, you can probably imagine it.

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