holy god…

I just made the mistake of looking up people that went to Logansport High School the same time I did on MySpace.

I’d guess 30% of them have kids.

…does not compute. One’s caption was even “Beautiful Mistake”

9 thoughts on “holy god…

  1. This happens when I look for the people I went to elementary/middle school with in the South. It’s horrifying.
    Most of the people in my high school are all in sororities– even the “alternative” kids, or the “intellectual” kids.

  2. It’s surprising how many people our age are actually settling down with families and kids. I guess it’s not fair to feel like they’re settling for the status quo or that they’re not fulfilling their potential, but I feel it anyways. 23…yeah it’s adulthood, but it’s still young. I’m at an age where I can still play the field but I have to keep an eye out for an increasing number of wedding bands.

  3. Not a mistake just curiousity getting the best of you.

    It gets worse the closer you get to being thirty(or as I have already reached this goal) and still not married, have kids, ect…people tend to think of you as a freak or something.
    Also most of everyone I knew has already went through the get married, have kid(s), and then get divorced cycle.

  4. Noooo, don’t do it!!

    The “myspace highschool reunion” can be pretty traumatic.

    Most of my old crew have one or more kids (one has one from each of his wives) and…. yeah… just traumatic over all.

  5. I think I’ve run across the “Beautiful Mistake” in my travels as well. In my experience, a beautiful mistake often precedes my enjoyment of another’s misfortune! Perhaps it is appropriate in this context as well! …there’s a vagina snake and someone taking a shit above me…word.

  6. The REALLY weird part is that I’m 27 and I recently realized that the only people I know who are actually married and have stayed thus for a decent period of time (in this case 3 years) is a lesbian couple. I think the Getting-Married People just usually don’t apply to my world. No one I hang out with is (or generally wants to be) that stable.

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