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Transhumanist Discussion Group tomorrow (Friday) 6:30 at Spoon. We’ll talk about constructing identity online.

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  1. I’ll be in Bloomington friday and saturday but won’t be able to make it to the meeting.

    Obviously, the flexibility and “realilty” of online identities will be discussioned, but one topic I might suggest is the ability to compartmentalize identity. In various places, my online aliases include “notmikey” (specific to LJ), “ResIpsaLoquitur”, “Lateralthinkingexperiment” (myspace, primarily), and “LoPretzel” (which I’ve had since 92-93ish), and others I use specifically for gaming. While that does lend itself to flexibility of identity (no requirement for consistent behavior across aliases), it can also serve (as in my case) to merely separate different circles of acquantainces online–for example, my brother and sister are my top two spots on Myspace, but neither know my LJ name.

  2. Is there any chance I could catch the minutes or notes or a spiffy audio recording?

    No, seriously… I’m literally in the middle of reconstructing web-presence and my online identity right now and I’d like an outside perspective.

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