house and beats

I propose we have a house party towards the end of November. Talk about different parts, maybe bring your own copy to exchange – see the notes others have taken.

also, balkan beat box this thursday. who’s going?

22 thoughts on “house and beats

  1. I didn’t know you were a house fancier. Sounds like a great idea. I’ll leave the minotaur at home, though.

    And I’d be all over the BBB, but I’m training new bloods bears that night.

  2. I’m in, as long as we don’t talk about the Minotaur though I think in the interest of all involved we might want to lay out some ground rules. For our own safety.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m only half joking.

      • Yeah, but I get out of class at 9 in Tegen (?), on 10th St. next to the Bloomington Brewing Company, and I don’t have a campus parking permit, so I would have to walk from there to downtown, which would land me at the concert around 9:30ish. So, presuming they play a 1 hour set, I’ll have missed half of it.

        As much as I’d like to see the show, it doesn’t appear to be a reality. 🙁

        Beyond that, on Friday, I have a test, a 3-5 page paper due, a chapter of a workbook, and homework due.

        It’s just a swampy week. 😛 No rest for the wicked!

  3. I’m thinking about going to BBB (after bellydance class ends, obviously.) By the way, said to pass on the word that BBB loves bellydancers, and people are encouraged to go to the concert in dance gear. 😀

    I’m suspecting that this is some special meaning of the term “house” with which I am unfamiliar…

  4. Ugh, I wish I could come! I’ve written extensively about it…especially to help me try and get through it the second time…which I still have not done. Seriously, knowing what’s coming next scares me out of finishing the book again…makes me feel claustrophobic.


  5. man, i havent seen BBB since 04 :0..fuck fuck fuck…tamir used to be in firewater, who i wholeheartedly recommend. (ex members of cop shoot cop,jesus lizard, foetus, elysian fields, soul coughing..well, at least on their first few albums)

    they are cock rockin excellent.

    beam psi-footage of the show to my braintastic meatphone..ext-613


    • Would be happy to call you while at the show, if you’d like. Such technologies will still tide me over for a bit.

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