Road Trip!

So this is the route I think I’ll be taking to Seattle

As of right now, I’m thinking about heading out mid January.
I’ll do the initial drive to Fayetteville in a day, stay two nights. Take two or three days to get to Los Gatos, stopping at National Parks and Pretty Places on my way. Rex and I are hanging out in Los Gatos, and then going to Yuba City. Figure I can take a few days going up the West Coast… spend 2 or 3 days in Portland before I make the last bit of drive up to Seattle. I think a week and a half will do it.

Will also be visiting Chicago for a weekend sometime between now and then – likely the first week of November.

If you want me to visit you, let me know!

19 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. ooooooo, i bet i could manage to be in fayetteville when you’re there. ;_)

    are you doing the hotel thang, or going to be crashing? cuz, you know, i can always arrange crash space there. *wink wink*

  2. ohhh you are gonna have so much fun – i hitched that entire route once – took me about two months though because I kept stopping to look at the view! Look for the petrified trees outside just east of the junction of 44 and 77 ( not the ones in the national forests – just some of the south side at that intersection – I slept there by that tree once and had the most intense mind melding with the desert there. The stars are great there so promise you wont get through the southwest without looking up at night (in the country of course – city lights ruin it)

  3. Wheee, glad I finally got to meet up with you! (And that my brother is not as much of a chickenshit as I am and got your attention) XD Thanks for leading the way to the club again too- Maybe next time we can hang out a little longer! =3

    • It was awesome to meet you too!

      Coming up for Zombie Prom on the 30th? It’s in Bloomington, so at least a bit closer.. we could hang out sometime before or the next day.

  4. Cool to hear you are coming back to Fayetteville on your way up north Willow! Let me know when you get down here so we can hang out, talk steampunk shop, and maybe do lunch or something.

    Catcha soon,

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