7 thoughts on “Commies in the Bathroom

  1. I have that same gun on my desk at work! It’s great for those days when I can’t control my violent urges. Alas, those days seem all to common of late. The Philistines live in fear of it.

    • If you’re gonna shoot someone, it seems to me that the best time is when they aren’t in a position to react effectively. And what better time than when they are preoccupied with the call of nature? Of course, you’ll just end up with pee all over the bathroom floor and that’s just gross.

  2. of course iiiim writing my paper. that is why i am on here.

    how are you? i miss you! ryan will be at iu from jan-may. im debating what i should do. BUT. that puts me there a bit, regardless. when do you plan to go out of state?

    let me know!

  3. Aaaahhhh!!!

    I’m a commie pinko bastard! I fear you! I must fleeeeeeeeeee!! Oh, can you pass the toilet paper?

    Heeeheeee! I’m weird.

  4. Whoohoo! Willow is an intrepid Pinko hunter too! Go get those red bastards girl!

    Ahhh there is nothing like Pinko huntin’. My dad used to take me Pinko huntin’ every weekend with Joe McCarthy! (ducks as Sleazy P. Martini shoots for stealin’ and twisting some of his best lines)

    Sorry I’m in a twisted mood tonight. 8P

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