12/3 – Thrill Kill in Louisville
12/7 – V
12/8 – Hafla
12/9 – Axis Craft/Game Night (Spoon, 7p)
12/12-12/17 – Seattle (wedding on the 14th)
12/20 –
. . . . . .. . . . ..
.. . . . . .. .. .
. . .. . . . . . ..
12/23-12/28 (tentatively) – Logansport
1/1 – Black tie Axis (my last one. be there.)
1/11 – Going away party
1/17 – start driving

We need another H+ meeting as well, somewhere in there. And game night ever Saturday.

Get your time while you can.

4 thoughts on “dates

  1. i wish i could attend some of the fun things going on there. but alas i am across the country.

    luckily tho, seattle is on my list of places i might move after graduation (of course i still have a few years til i get the masters but, ya know, then i would be moving there). it’s the only city in the US on the list. we shall see.

  2. i sent it to your old email, so i’m not sure if you got it, but i would like to see you for an hour before you leave. or half an hour. but i would like you all to myself, as is my greatly preferred social format. you can come visit me at my house if you like.

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