Jesus is a pretty cool guy, all things considered. Right now I’m re-reading Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Reminds me of awesome Jesus-themed things.

For instance:

For my 23rd birthday I received a lot of ponies. This was one such pony, but somewhere along the way it lost its head (like ya do). I also bought a box of Jesus Band-Aids in Seattle. It contained a Jesus action figure. Thus, Centaur Jesus was born. I call him HeyZeus because he’s mythological but also Jesus.

There’s also this great video from back in the day: New Testament Wine Cooler

What a catchy tune!

Matt also referred me to this video about DinoJesus.

What’s your favorite Jesus-related thing?

21 thoughts on “Jesus!


    Excellent! Thanks for posting this – and I’ll echo – Illusions is a pretty good read. 😀

    As for favorite Jesus things – I think I have to with Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter. I’m not sure anything can beat that….

    “Is that you, bowl of cherries?”

  2. my favorite jesus related thing is…

    “ha ha ho ho hee hee”

    bonus points to anyone who can name the character and book this quote is from!

  3. My mom works at a dollar store in the mid-west & she sent me some things in my Christmas package from her store…one was a stress ball that says “jesus loves you”. har har!!

  4. My favorite Jesus-related thing?

    Probably this thing(y):

    I’m trying to ponder what these mysterious “miraculous powers” it possesses are…hmmm…

  5. Jesus Christ Super Star (Original Cast Recording rather than the movie…), and Plastic Jesus by The Flaming Lips…

    And since very few can explain what the H stands for in Jesus H. Christ, Jesus HeyZeus Christ? Mayhaps?

    Squeezes! (Gena.)

  6. lol jesus

    My favorite Jesus related thing is the enthusiastic “Jesus Rocks!” poster carried during the Hosanna song in the 90s remake of Jesus Christ Superstar.

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