So let’s see.

The past couple few days have included, but not been limited to:
crying on centaur jesus (he needs your tears to become a unicorn when I grow up); ordering burritos (but getting them to go); having my head straight razored; kissing a third eye; getting called out; boxes of Baccuus; gay future shirts; bunny glitter and hate (wear gloves, don’t put it in your mouth, don’t roll around in it); new ergonomics for playing StarCraft; leaving my own party; honey (and other presents!); Guitar Hero (the notes in the song actually correlate to the controller!); not a lot of drinking (but a glass that tasted like grape juice); rangoooooooooon

And packing, working, and some actual loving.

I think Saul Williams put it best when he said “mother fuckers better realize / now is the time to self-actualize”
I think Libby put it best for me when she said “why not a self-de(con)structive binge?”

6 thoughts on “summations

  1. I WISH I could see you today, but some of us aren’t graduated and still have to attend classes. 🙂

    I don’t remember if I put myself on the list for road updates. But I would like to be. I get all motherly when people are going somewhere…just want to make sure you’re still safe.

    Take care and all that!! Don’t pick up hitchhikers, because they’re probably serial killers, and they have saws in their pockets and decapitated heads in their bag!!!!!!!

  2. I have to thank you again for the third eye kiss. It turns out that is all I really wanted from you.
    I apologize for the Guitar Hero. It’s just something I feel into kinda naturally.

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