morning angst

My laptop is not registering keyboard or touch-pad input. I’m about to go perusing the internet, but does anyone have any suggestions?

However, got to spend some relaxation time with Qais last night, having lunch with Nathan today, dancing probably tomorrow night, and dancing again Monday. Until then, the quest for a job. As soon as I can get my own computer working, because surfing on a phone is no fun.

6 thoughts on “morning angst

  1. If you’ve got a laptop with a removable keyboard (a lot of them do — look for tiny little spring-loaded latches in the far corners of the keyboard cutout), I’d suggest carefully taking it out, checking for dust and crumbs, reseating the connector, and then putting it back. This has cured a few similar problems around these parts…

      • While it is less likely, the touchpad and keyboard probably share a common connection to the same interface controller. But ‘s idea is much better to try first.

        It’s probably worth checking to see if you can enter the BIOS setup program on power-up. If you can’t do that, the odds of its being a software solution are pretty iffy…

    • Re: ‘puter problems

      it’s not recognizing my USB wireless mouse, but it’s been a bit since i’ve used it. no one in the house has a USB keyboard, so will track one down. Thank you for the suggestion

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